Advocate Salah Alma`itah ​

Salah Almaitah has been an attorney for more than seventeen years. He acts as a legal consultant for many local and international companies, businessmen and licentiate as well. He is further authorized to act as an arbitrator and chairman of the arbitration body. Salah is the chairman of(Jordanian Association for the Fight Against Corruption) since its establishment on 27 OCT 2011 which is registered under the law of Jordanian associations within the capacity of the Ministry of Political Development and Parliamentary Affairs. In addition, he is the Chairman of the board of directors of (Legal Protection House) for law profession, arbitration and providing legal assistance and honorary chairman of (ADAR charity society) which provides charity and humanitarian aid. Salah is a founder and member of the directorate of the Jordanian Coalition “Rasheed” for integrity and transparency for which he is also the official spokesperson. This coalition was part of the Transparency International in Berlin. He was a director and member of several different bodies such as the Free opinion Forum in 2012, 2013, Musawa center for democratic studies and the national observation team (Karama) for torture resistance and prison control in the National Center for Human Rights, 2013, 2014. He is also a Lecturer, consultant, and trainer on a range of topics such as: anti – Corruption Mechanisms, promoting the national integrity system, promoting social accountability, good governance, and human rights.